Technical Assistance Engineer (m/f/d)

 StepStone ·  23.08.2019 ·  Berlin ·  Acrolinx GmbH

At Acrolinx, we value content. We believe in its power to fuel a business. And we know that to be effective, it must be well written. That’s why we developed software that reads enterprise content — in a variety of formats — and helps to improve its quality.  

Born out of a long history in linguistic analytics, our advanced platform helps major brands like Amazon, Autodesk, Dropbox, Ericsson, Google, Liebherr, Microsoft, and SAP create great content.

We’re looking for a generally nice and smart person to join our development team in Berlin.  

You’re a technical troubleshooter by heart.

You put the customer first.

We’re open to any level of experience here. Don’t hold back your application if you don’t tick all the boxes.

You’re patient and like solving the issues of less tech-savvy people.

You know how to find out what’s going wrong in complex computer and network setups.

You know standards like XML, HTML, DITA, JSON, and Markdown.

You’re not afraid of looking into the source code of our programs to understand what’s going on. Even better, you’ll help developing in Java, TypeScript, JavaScript, C#, or even C++ when you’re not hunting down problems.

You know how to combine existing tools and can come up with creative workarounds to help our customers succeed. You’ve seen all the common problems with browsers, proxies, and HTTPS transport.

You’re familiar with Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Acrolinx integrates into more than 30 editing environments, like office suites, XML-editors, and Content Management Systems. This is what most of our users work with all the time. Sometimes they face surprising problems and you’ll help them with the more complicated ones.

Do you feel like you could write a book about weird things on computers but you need a few more chapters? This is your chance.

Maybe, you already have experience with plug-ins for widespread programs like Microsoft Office, Arbortext, AEM, or the Oxygen XML Editor, maybe you developed your own integration for Drupal or WordPress. You can quickly set up environments to reproduce uncommon scenarios and Wireshark is the first thing you install on a computer? We’re looking forward to working with you on this.

You’ll join an international team of friendly, dynamic people in Berlin who are passionate about their jobs. You can expect:  

A flat, informal hierarchy and quick decision-making processes.

Support in getting up to speed.

Teammates of all ages and backgrounds.


We strongly encourage diversity in our team and share a respectful and open mindset. Some of us speak at conferences, organize meetups, write about programming, or contribute to open-source projects.  

Chances are, you’ve read some text today that Acrolinx helped to shape. The core of our product is a linguistic engine, which analyzes written text—not just for spelling and grammar but also for good style and consistency. Just look at our list of happy customers, which include Google, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, and Adobe. We also have customers of comparable size and impact in other industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and automotive industries.


When you join our team, you write software that makes an impact. You’ll find evidence of it in the communications of top global enterprises — in everything from developer documentation to global websites. Our software contributes to ensuring those messages are clear, consistent, on-brand, and engaging.

Work in a professional and respectful environment There are lots of reasons to work at Acrolinx. Here are our top 10:  

We treat each other with respect.

Our culture is highly collaborative and mistake-friendly.

We value diversity in our staff.

We're not a startup and have 15 years of experience under our belt.

We work diligently in the office, but appreciate time for our private lives.

We have a nice portfolio of benefits for our team members.

We support you in contributing to Open Source.

We’re experts in our domain, with professionalism to match.

We have an impressive list of customers.

Our work is leading edge.

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