Shopware: license counter with email-support

 twago IT-Projekte (für IT-Freelancer) ·  13.06.2019 ·  Hannover

I'm currently using Shopware 5.I'm looking for a solution to add a counter to specific products/orders that sends an email to customers to renew their purchases after a certain period of time. Let me try to explain how that should work: 1. The customer wants to buy a stock image. On the product page he chooses a license from the available options (only online, only print, all media).2. For example, the customer chooses the „only online“-license which has a validity of 6 months. For each variant option there needs to be the option to set this in the backend. After the article has been purchased, it should get placed as an order in the backend for the individual rightholder. Something like this:Example: [order-no.] [article-no.] [license] [rightholder] [counter]3. The counter now counts down from the date of purchase (here: 6 months) backwards and sends the customer and admin an email after a set deadline (e.g.: 6 weeks before end) with the notice that the validity of his purchased license is about to end. The email template for this should be editable like any other email-template in shopware.4. This mail should contain a link that leads the customer to a direct shopping cart which already contains the right article-combination so he‘s able to renew/repurchase his license right away. If the cusomer does so and purchases/renews his license with this link for his still valid license (e.g. 3 weeks before end), the counter for this new order must start after his current license expired. Example:1st order: purchased 10.01.2019, ends on 10.06.2019 (6 months)counter starts on 10.01.2019 (same as purchase date)2nd order (renewal): purchased on 20.05.2019 (3 weeks before the 1. order expires)counter starts on 11.06.2019 (not same as purchase date but 1st day after 1st orders license expires) — ein Projekt von DIPLANET Digital Solutions Impressum