(Senior) Software Engineer - Java - Studio 3T for MongoDB

 StepStone ·  03.12.2018 ·  Berlin ·  3T Software Labs GmbH

3T is a fast growing, successful start-up based in Berlin. We have gone from strength to strength over the last five years and continue to grow. Our product suite includes the hugely popular professional IDE – Studio 3T for MongoDB (previously known as ‘MongoChef’) and the well known MongoDB GUI – Robo 3T (previously known as ‘Robomongo’). We are the leading provider of developer tools for MongoDB professionals.

Our mission is simple: to build the finest NoSQL tools available – simply by developers, for developers! We are rapidly expanding our software engineering team and have new Senior Software Engineer and Software Engineer positions available. We are a long way from done, with many new, exciting projects about to begin. This is a great time to join us on our mission, and be part of this exciting new team!

As a software engineer working on our MongoDB tools, you will be involved in the full development cycle, including:

Identifying, designing and implementing new MongoDB-focussed features and tools

Evaluating their effectiveness and reintegrating that into the design

Creating effective tests for those features

Working alongside an amazing, fully-charged team that will love to help get you up to speed and exceed far beyond that, in all areas of development

Thoroughly developing MongoDB expertise and gaining deep insights into how MongoDB works

Becoming part of the exciting worldwide MongoDB and NoSQL development communities, where the future of databases is headed

The position is full time and will be based in our Berlin offices.

First and foremost, you are a passionate software engineer. You take pride in producing elegant, performant code and ensuring its correctness. You simply love coding – for you, it is both a craft and an art. You are of course a self-starter, and aren’t afraid to be social – opinionated deep-dives and the occasional burger-and-beer evening out is all part of the great camaraderie of the team.

Things happen fast in a start-up, so we really only ask for one thing:

Production-level software development experience (preferably in Java, though any other modern object-oriented language such as Python, C++ or C# will also count)

Extra credit if you already have experience or a strong interest in one or more of:

MongoDB, Microsoft Azure CosmoDB, Amazon DynamoDB, Couchbase or Elasticsearch

Server-side development

GUI design

Programming languages, and programming language processing (i.e. you’re comfortable with ASTs, semantic analysis, etc.)

SQL databases, e.g. MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle

As our team is from all over the world, you should be able to converse fluently in our office language – English. You do not need to know any German.

Ability is what defines a great software engineer. We very much value higher computer science and software engineering degrees (both founders are CompSci PhDs!). However, we also know that some of the best programmers will have taught themselves, irrespective of formal qualifications. You actually know how to code and you can show it? Great, we want to hear from you!

Very competitive salary

Responsibility and impact: Your work will have a major impact on the product and your opinions and ideas will be greatly appreciated (and requested!) at every step of the way

Flexibility: We offer very flexible work hours. Your cat is sick? Working from home goes without saying

Great environment: We have a great team with a great sense of humour (although, who wouldn’t say that about themselves, actually?) and we are based in the heart of Berlin – one of the most bustling and exciting cities in Europe

Participation in technology conferences, workshops, meetups and user-groups

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