HTML/CSS for Magento Standard CMS Content Block

 twago IT-Projekte (für IT-Freelancer) ·  06.05.2019 ·  Berlin

In future we want to create Magento CMS block content.For easy creation of this content we need HTML/CSS/SCSS coding of a standard CMS content block in custom design that we can then use as a template for every new CMS content block for new content topics. For new content topics the designers would then just copy/paste the code of standard CMS content block and change the content (headlines/tables/texts/pictures/links) in the new CMS block respectively.We also need some changes for header and CMS block positionWe defined a design (within a grid) for this standard CMS block and the header changes. It includes desktop and mobile version. All graphics/pics needed will be delivered by us. We could also deliver the Indesign documents if wanted.All developments must be on our test server/environment first. All pull request for rollouts must go via Bitbucket.We are searching for an experienced frontend designer with additional experience of Magento CMS and SEO optimized HTML development — ein Projekt von DIPLANET Digital Solutions Impressum