twago IT-Projekte (für IT-Freelancer) ·  10.01.2019 ·  Düsseldorf

Hello there!We need a flexible responsive HTML5 website (5 pages) supporting desktop, tablet and mobile (3 widths total).It must be compatible with Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Opera, Safari 10+, iOS 10+ (iPhone, iPad), Android 5+.We need a clean and semantic code.For a fluent development the layouts will be labeled with spacings, font sizes etc. Regardless of that, you'll get open psd files for a precise realization.Please find all details in the word document. The layout files should give you an idea of the design and the content.We would like to launch the website end of January.We hope that's enough for a quote. If you need more information, let us know.Best regards,Sascha — ein Projekt von DIPLANET Digital Solutions Impressum